How to Order RiceBagz


How can you Support the Children and get RiceBagz?

  1. Go to Bagz Gallery and select your favorite RiceBagz.

  2. Remember or write down the name of the Shopper or Handbag, pouch, or keyring you desire.

  3. Go to Order Here!, fill out the form and click the submit button.

Pi A (sister A), the Donation Coordinator BTNF, will contact you within 24 hours with your desired RiceBagz, additional shipping costs, and bank account. 

Donation Options

Donate 1200 THB 

 31 EURO   -   27 GBP   -   50 AUD

for a Shopper or Handbag Set

Steal the show with an original RizeBagz Shopper or Handbag with a matching Pouch and magnetic Keyring.

                - all products are water-resistant -

Donate 900 THB

24 EURO   -   20 GBP   -   37.50 AUD

for a Shopper Bag

Prepare yourself for jealous looks when you go to town or beach with your lined shopper.

The Shopper has an inner pocket with zip and has adjustable handles (22cm to 70 cm) to use as

a hand or shoulder bag. 

size approximately 40 cm high x 19 cm wide

Donate 900 THB

24 EURO   -   20 GBP   -   37.50 AUD

for a Hand Bag

A one-of-a-kind handbag made with love by Thai ladies. 

Completely lined with an inner pocket and fixed handles that are long enough to wear as a shoulder bag.

*size approximately 30cm high x 18cm wide

Donate 225 THB

5.80 EURO   -   5 GBP   -   9.50 AUD

for a Pouch

Waterproof lined with zip: this is your next makeup bag, pencil case holder or even a bikini bag!!! All pouches come with stunning designs and logos. 

sizes vary depending on the rice sack.

Donate 175 THB

4.50 EURO   -   3.90 GBP   -   7.25 AUD

for a Keyring

A keyring with a magnet to stick to the fridge and never lose your keys again!

*in two sizes depending on a rice sack 


Your Donation Equals...


You Donate 1200 THB

and choose

One Shopper set


32 kilo's rice


 900 meals


good for 3 days only

Rice Shop

Food, School Uniforms, Sanitary Products and More


You Donate 900 THB

and choose

One Shopper or Handbag


one school uniform for

a 6 years old boy or girl 


 one blouse

one skirt or shorts

one pair of socks

one pair of shoes

When you donate for a handbag set 1200 THB,

then we can add 

one more blouse 

Thank you so much!

One Pouche equals 2 bottles of Shampoo.jpg

You Donate 225 THB

and choose

One Pouch


2 bottles of shampoo

Or You Donate 175 THB

and choose

One Keyring


2 toothbrushes and 

1 toothpaste

Shipping Cost and Time


Shipping costs below are indications based on a Shopper or Handbag set. 

     -  Swipe for more shipping options  -

1 Set - 300 gram
2 Sets - 565 gram
3 to 6 Sets - up to 2 kilos
6 to 10 Sets - up to 3 kilos
United States
13 USD
20 USD
45 USD
69 USD
14 AUD
22 AUD
48 AUD
80 AUD
52 THB
67 THB
97 THB
105 THB

Shipping within Thailand will take 2 to 3 days.

Shipping outside Thailand will take 3 to 4 weeks.