RiceBagz for Orphans' Mission

1.  Support Baan Than Namchai Foundation, an orphanage in Khao Lak, Thailand.

77 children rescued from abuse and poverty live here under the supervision of Wattanna, Pi Game -brother Game as the children call him- and he is one of them. Pi Game grew up in the Orphanage himself and knows first-hand what the children need. He is always there for a one to one talk, stimulates sports, healthy living and is keen on giving the children their sense of individuality.

Games motto:

Never Change your Goal, but Change your Plan.

Read his touching story here: Game from student to boss.

2.  Create work for local ladies in Khao Lak  

Local ladies are making your new upcycled shopper to perfection! 

Since the pandemic, these ladies had little to no work. Khao Lak is a touristic hotspot. Usually, they would have many orders from the hotels and tourists in the area. Thanks to your donation buying RiceBagz, they can now provide for their families while recycling and supporting the children at BTNC. When they finish a new bag, they proudly post it on FaceBook.

Click here to meet Pi Koong, Pi Ew, Pi Thip and our master seamstress Nong Bim.

Go to RiceBagz Gallary to see all stunning designs!

3.  Recycle Thai rice sacks and create environmental awareness
rice shop.jpg

Ricebagz buys used Thai rice sacks at one of the many rice shops in Thailand. Usually, these sacks end up as garbage bags and end up in landfills.

RiceBagz for Orphans transforms them into stunning lined shoppers and pouches. 100 % of the proceeds go to Baan Than Namchai Foundation to buy food, school uniforms, Christmas presents and more. Many people know about the Ricebagz for Orphans project and collect rice sacks from their homes and restaurants and donate them. Click here to discover what we can do with your donation!

History of RiceBagz for Orphans


The RiceBagz Originz


RiceBagz is all about living 'the good life.'  Beautiful recycled bags and accessories made from Thai rice sacks will brighten up your day. Your friends will wonder where you got it because all these products happen to be unique, durable, and environment friendly.  The original idea to upcycle disused rice sacks was the brainchild of one of the Project Sponsors, Barbara van Os.  Here’s how it all came about:


“Coming from The Netherlands and living in Khao Lak, I was enjoying experiencing beautiful Thailand with its incredible culture.  In particular the colourful rice sacks with distinctive Thai writing piled high in the local rice shops really caught my eye. Then seeing these sacks being used as garbage bags or thrown away got me thinking: what if I upcycle these sacks into durable one-of-a-kind bags and accessories?


It hurt my 'RiceBagz-heart' to see these utterly reusable rice sacks ending up as garbage. So let's turn that around. Start saving energy sources by using recycled, durable and reusable RiceBagz made from Thai rice bags and cut down on plastic bags. 

Contact Us-e.jpg

Together with two other local ladies, Ulla Haider and Toni Weber, we started the RiceBagz for Orphans project.  I donated my designs, and 100% of the profit goes to the BNTC orphanage to help the children with food, school uniforms and provides jobs for local women while at the same time creating environmental awareness. Please see our video to see how the bags are made.


My main goal is to make beautiful bags and accessories that you will enjoy using. Brace yourself for the jealous looks and many questions about how you became the proud owner of these lovely accessories.  These RiceBagz products are unique, durable, and environment-friendly.  Perfect material for a shopper or laundry bag, messenger bag, pencil case holder. Make an environmental statement and shop with your unique shopping bag!